Erasmus+ 2020-2022

Our second Erasmus+ project was called „Introduction to SEN teaching methods and environments“. Four members of the staff were participating in this project. Job-shadowing in two different schools took place during this project (St Rose`s School in UK and Dybkær Specialskole in Denmark).

The main goals of the job shadowing were to deepen the knowledge about AAC and to notice and support a student with sensory integration disorder, also to get more information about how to use multisensory environments more efficiently, gain new ideas about TEACCH method and to observe the use of Intensive Interaction. Participants wanted to share ideas with foreign partners about networking and get inspiration about organising various student events outside the classroom. The project team wanted to gain new knowledge and practical experiences from similar organisations, observe the methods and AAC equipment being used in order to bring it to practise in their everyday work and share information with families and colleagues in the school and support centre.

As a result of participating in the project, ideas were obtained for the future and new methods were introduced. One employee completed a Story Massage online course and practices this method with students, one employee plans to participate in Rebound Therapy training. The IDDSI nutrition guide seen at St Rose’s School was motivation to deepen the knowledge about swallowing and eating disorders. St Rose’s School visit motivated to prepare an information brochure for school and support center visitors. Inspired by the job-shadowing experience in Dybkaer Specialskole, various events for students have been organised, different learning materials have been prepared (e.g. a songbook from vizualised songs), new equipment has been bought (Protac sensory stimulation products) and communication passports for students and photo-illustrated manuals for employees have been created.