Mission Vision

Our mission

To create for the each pupil the best possible conditions for comprehensive development of the personality, school attendance and the acquisition of basic education that is with quality and capability.

Our vision

The school creates an environment that is modern, humanistic values-based, open and effectively co-operating with social partners for the development of each learner. The school provides equal opportunities for every student to learn and to have a basic school education according to their abilities. In the foreground are the development of the students’ psychical processes, the basic abilities in order to create relevant knowledge and skills, the formation of the adequate self-knowledge as possible. Learning is part of the comprehensive development of every person and the natural need and fundamental right that is based the exercise of humane, tolerant attitudes and democratic cooperative relations in the school. After completing the curriculum of the school student acquires skills for as independent participation in society and family life. In order student’s comprehensive development it is necessary to integrate next to teaching and learning support the support of social welfare support services, rehabilitation services, and parent’s support.

Our values:

Teaching and educational integrity – we consider each student’s individuality, orientate the comprehensive development of the personality of each student. The integrity of the vision bears the curriculum, teachers, a support network of professionals and parents are involved in the practice;

Dignified treatment – care for pupils and respect them;

Cooperation, openness and inclusion – we value equality-based communication and collaboration between different groups. Important role is the synergy between school and home, openness and co-operation of social welfare services and the rehabilitation team. Cooperation is based on mutual respect, caring, trust and understanding;

Professionalism – the staff are qualified, competent, dedicated to work and responsible;

Innovation – we are open and receptive to the development of new ideas and their implementation;

Valuing each other – we value in our joint work, we recognize and praise each-other.