Structure and staff

Structure of the Päevakeskus Käo


Director- General management of the day care centre, economic issuses, devlopment work;

Quality Manager- Systemic conscious action in order to improve day care centres performance, sustainability and competitiveness. Development coordination;

Personnel Manager- management of the staff and documentation of the personnel, recruiting new workers, bills of the catering;

Manager of the Assistants- management and coordinaton of the work in the childrens centre. Cooperation with the Käo Põhikool (primary school);

Head of Special Education work- special educational counseling;

Manager of the Pae centre- management of the work in the Pae centre. Coordination of the rehabilitation services in Päevakeskus Käo;

Manager of the Maleva centre- management of the work in the Maleva centre;

Social Worker- coordination of the services in adults centres (recipients sequence), counseling of the recipients of the centre, organizing the work of the rehabilitation in Pae centre, coordination of the work of everyday supported living service in Päevakeskus Käo Pae centre;

Head of Economic- ordering work equipment, services. Coordination of the work in care home for short period;

Educator/ Assistant- childrens day care and development in the centre;

Social Pedagogue- adults day care and development in the centre;

Social Care Taker- adults day care (overnight) and supervision;

Physiotherapist- physio therapy in individual and group settings, maintenance/ coordination of the (technical) aids in the childrens centre;

Occupational Therapist- developing of the activities of daily living. Individual and group work;

Musical Performance Coaching (music therapist)- individual and group music therapy;

Physical Activity Instructor (physiotherapist)- individual and group physio therapy in adults centre.

Päevakeskus Käo, Käo 53, Tallinn. Telefon: (+372) 677 3495, kaokeskus